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South Downs Equine Sports Massage

Sport Massage

Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of sports massage techniques applied to the horse. 

A sports massage therapist will look at your horse as a whole and and work to improve range of movement, relax and enhance muscle tone, increase and improve circulation. 

Sports Massage is a great way of helping to prevent injury or can be used as part of a horses rehabilitation programme. 

All horses can benefit from Sports Massage whether they are that beloved family pony or top competition horse


Initial consultation and massage - £50

(1.5 hours approx)


Routine/follow up massage - £45

(only once an initial consultation has been done)

(1 hour approx)


Ridden assessment and massage from £60.00

(1.5-2hours approx, price will increase to £70.00 if this is an initial consultation)

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