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South Downs Equine Sports Massage

Trimming and Pulling

Trimming horses is usually carried out to make the horse more presentable for the show ring or for competition, but can is done just to make the horse look neat and tidy on a daily basis.

It is also sometimes carried out to enable medication to be applied effectively to certain areas e.g. mud fever medication.

The areas that we usually trim are:- Legs, bottom of the tail, bridle path, outer ear, jaw line.

(The removal of whiskers and inner ear hair was banned by the FEI at international competition from 1st July 2021)

Pulling is a technique of thinning and shortening the mane for neat presentation and plaiting purposes, and pulling a tail is for presentation and enhancing the look of the horses quarters.


Trimming (legs using scissors or trimmers, bridle path and tail) £25


Mane pull (traditional or rake/razor) £15


Tail pull (rake only) £10


Plaiting (Bands) £25


Plaiting (Thread) £30

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